Grants for Travel May Cover All Expenses

Did you know that if you are a student who desires to travel you may be able to do it free of charge thanks to student grants for travel? Now before you get excited and start packing up the beer bong and making your spring break vacation reservations, let remember that the free government money that may be granted to you is not able to be applied to party essentials. However, if you’re traveling to enhance your educational experience, the US government may be happy to fund your traveling expenses.

Unfortunately, learning to do a keg stand on Daytona Beach doesn’t count, but there are a plethora of other fun and rewarding experiences you can enjoy while traveling the world to advance your knowledge of all the amazing facts and finds that await you in exotic and unexplored regions of the earth.

If you are a student who is currently enrolled in any state, city, or private college or university, you may qualify for a great number of abroad study programs or national meetings and conferences that provide grants for travel to students who wish to complement their educations, portfolios and resumes with world travel experience. These programs are fantastic learning tools for students who wish to travel as well as for those who wish to teach, and also for the citizens of the countries that they visit. Students pursuing teaching degrees are particularly good candidates to qualify for this type of funding and sponsorship for two main reasons;

  1. Student teachers can apply their skills and education to teaching the citizens of the foreign countries they visit while receiving hands on teaching experience.
  2. The student teachers return with additional knowledge of foreign countries, lifestyles, art, education, architecture, cultures, religion, etc. This additional education enhancement provides them with a greater insight into foreign countries and relations and aids them in  more effectively teaching American students about the customs of other countries.

Although student teachers are most likely to receive this type of funding for obvious reasons, these programs are not only available to student teachers. Any student currently enrolled can apply, and may qualify for educational grants for travel depending, of course, upon the purpose and destination of the expedition.

In closing, be aware that there is great possibility for college students to receive considerably generous amounts of free government money to enhance their educations overseas. But as of yet, there are no student grants for travel that will finance spring break activities. Better save your allowances for that.

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  1. Written by Subhash Gupta
    on April 18, 2009 at 12:35 am

    Wish to travel anywhere in the world. Being a film maker and academician with four decades experience,Could talk to students of cinema in reference to Indian cinema in particular.

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