Government Grants for Homes

Did you know you can pay for your home with government grants for homes and other funding programs that are available to American citizens? There is billions of dollars in free grant money given away each and every year, and those who have the resources to find these programs are cashing in.

Government grants for homes offer first time buyers, those with a current mortgage, and even those who pay rent, to receive free money that never has to be paid back.

Why haven’t you heard of government grants for homes?

There are two reasons that most people never knew these programs exist. The first is that the government doesn’t advertise these funding options. They are not marketers, and they are not promoting a product. Therefore they are not going to waste millions of dollars on advertising. The home grants that are available are a resource for people who can use financial assistance.

Secondly, your mortgage lender or loan officer is probably not going to tell you about these programs because there is nothing it for them. They make money off the size of the loan they sell you. If you obtain free money from the government to pay your mortgage, than they get paid less money – or none at all.

Government grants for homes are just one of the many forms of federal financial aid that exists. Any American citizen that is at least 18 years old can apply to receive these funds. Once approved, you’ll either receive a check in the mail or have the cash sent directly to your account to help with your down payment, mortgage or rent.

Best part is that you’ll never have to repay this money, which is why those who know how to find and apply for government grants for homes are cashing in on thousands of dollars in free money.

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  1. Written by Dana Jo Field
    on February 2, 2009 at 8:57 am

    I am trying to locate information to give clients whom are facing financial issues and are struggling to pay their mortgage. I am a counselor working with other people that are in need. Kindly forward information. If there is a fee for obtaining information/help for my clients, kindly disregard this e-mail as I am trying to obtain free help for them, not assistance which requires money for help. Thank you for your time.

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