Getting Personal Grants for Financial Hardship

Personal grants probably couldn’t save you from immediate physical harm, but they sure can bail you out of a potential monetary disaster. It worked for me, and many others. I’m here to tell you why so many American citizens today are looking to the help of government funded grants to help them out of debt during these times of financial crisis. If you or someone you know is experiencing extreme financial pressures and buckling under the burdens of enormous debt due to the nation’s poor economy, you can’t afford not to read this article.

Three years ago, I was doing great. Had a good job with benefits, job security, generous salary, I was on my way to a rewarding career and fulfilling life. When I thought things couldn’t get any better for me, I got promotion that came with a correspondingly generous raise. Obviously, I was delighted and believed I was to be even closer to reaching my or exceeding my goals. I purchased a beautiful home, furnished it with items I never dreamed that I could have, bought a new car, and was truly comfortable and content. Little did I know then that a year and a half later I would be turning to the government for personal grants to keep me from losing everything I worked so hard to accomplish. Thank God, I found these amazing programs or I don’t know where I would be today.

To make a long and painful story short, when the economy started really going downhill, like many other American owned companies today, my corporation began downsizing. At first I was safe, my hours were reduced a bit, but I still had enough substantial income to get by. It wasn’t long after that until my salary was reduced and eventually, I was laid off. The severance package wasn’t too bad, but losing all the benefits and having no new job leads (let’s not forget the unemployment situation these days) there was no possible way I was going to make ends meet. I was on the verge of foreclosure, repossession and had maxed out every credit card and taken out, and defaulted on, as many loans as I could get to prevent these things from happening. At the threshold of homelessness I discovered government funded personal grants. They literally saved me from certain financial ruin and unthinkable consequences.

I’m still not working, however, personal grants were able to provide me with free government money to alleviate many of the dire situations I was experiencing. I acquired enough funding to pay off my car, which I then sold and purchased a more economical and practical vehicle, hence putting a couple thousand dollars in my pocket for a “safety net”. I then received another grant to pay my back mortgage payments and property taxes, and was able to save my home. By this time I knew a little bit about the ins and outs of the grant application process and had found some very helpful grant writing kits online, so I decided to go for the gusto.

I applied for and received a home improvement grant and remodeled my oversized single family home into a duplex, rented one half of it out, and now have a rental income that pays my mortgage. After all that free government money, I still tried to get a personal grant to pay of all the loans and defaulted credit cards I owed on, but have yet to be successful there. These programs, though, really saved me from disastrous ruin. I don’t know what I’d have done without them. If you are experiencing any of the problems that I have recently recovered from, do yourself a favor and look into personal grants. It can save you too.

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  1. Written by Angela Harris
    on March 16, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    I was the caregiver for my father who died Dec. 15, 2008 and we lived in this house since 1963 this is the only home I know. I now have a mortgage on this home and no income the payments are 2mons behind I am waiting for ssi but who knows how long that will take.

  2. Written by Mrs. Carter
    on March 21, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    I have been unemployed for almost 5 1/2 months with no financial income coming in. The kindness of my sister & brother and a few friends have truly helped me manage this long without money.

    But it is really difficult now and I have been going on job interviews but no job offer. I need money to maintain my health and daily necessities i.e., food, pay utility bills, health care for me and my child.

    Your assistance would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

  3. Written by edgarjoseph
    on April 29, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Myfamily and I were in Katrina. We located to Oklahoma (Muskogee)I have daughters ages 25 to10 years old. My oldest is mentally and physically disaabled.We lost everything in the flood, our saavings gone. Were struggling to pay our bills and deeply in debt.Could not keep up insurance,my spouseis without health or dental ins.need help desperatly. Sinceerly Edgar Joseph

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