Dads Can Get Grants for Single Parents

We hear so much these days about grants for single parents, which is fantastic. Who needs the help more than single parents struggling to keep up with the challenges of raising children alone? Not many that I can think of. These are fantastic free government money programs that can help with a number of dilemmas that the single parented families can face these days of hard times and poor economy. We’ve heard a lot of talk about them recently on the news with “help at home”, and all the infomercials on late night TV plugging these funds.

But what is commonly overlooked is that fathers are also single parents sometimes and can also qualify for all the same grants for single parents as mothers do.

Being the male parent does not at all disqualify the single dad from applying for and also qualifying for, and receiving the same types of government funded assistance that female parents do. It should be strongly noted that when listening to these discussions, or viewing the television programs, or reading articles like this, about grants for single “mothers”, that this actually means single parents.

The terminology currently used for the subject is completely politically incorrect. Men who are raising children on their own may be eligible to receive exactly the same type of government financial assistance and grants for single parents as women who are raising children alone do. In these times of long found equal rights, and emphasis on always having to be politically correct, it’s amazing to me that when addressing the topic, the terminology used in describing these fantastic financial assistance programs is so grossly and deceptively misused. Is this government’s way of shortchanging the public by suggesting that these funds are only available to single parents of the female persuasion? Or are they just ignorant to the fact that America has an overwhelming amount of fathers who are also single handedly raising their families?

In either case, I’m sure some father’s rights activists will handle that part of the issue. In the mean time, let it be known that grants for single parents are not only available to the mothers. Dads need help too sometimes and if you’re a parent, you may be entitled to it.

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  1. Written by Mark Lyons
    on May 3, 2009 at 11:39 am

    I am writing this because as a single dad of a 6 year old boy, I find it difficult to pay a mortgage and provide things that we may need.I work full time and would like to apply for a grant in order to consolidate debts and to give my son and I a chance to live our lives practically.

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